This branch of dentistry takes care of your broken, missing or discoloured teeth. Certain patients may desire or require special crowns (jackets or caps) on teeth to create aesthetic improvement. Restoration by this method can solve unsightly problems of chemical or drug stains, fractured teeth, crooked teeth or teeth with spaces. These days, advanced porcelain fused metal crowns and metal-free crowns like zirconium and alumina are made to make your smile gorgeous.


    It takes care of extractions, minor and major dental surgeries. For instance, if you are suffering from wisdom tooth pain, this branch of dentistry will be helpful to you.


    If you have lost your teeth, or they are not in perfect shape and size, or you are having troubles like headache and migraines, a dentist can help you get rid of these problems by giving you back your teeth or restoring canine guidance by doing full mouth rehabilitation. It is a treatment in which in your teeth are replaced by artificial teeth to give you back your youthful look, as well as to restore functional health of teeth.


    If you worried about your child’s smile, or you have a desire to provide him/her a beautiful and healthy smile, this branch of dentistry will help you achieve it with the help of orthodontic braces and appliances. With advance technology of invisible braces, your desire to have well-formed teeth will be fulfilled without having to look unattractive with braces.


    Did somebody close complained about bad breath, yellow teeth or have you noticed bleeding gums in spite of maintaining good oral hygiene? Periodontal branch of dentistry will help you get rid of this problem.


    If you wish to stand out in a party, or you want to seek special attention and flaunt your smile, the tooth jewelry in form of small diamond speck or tattoo is what you need.

  • Fluoride therapy

    If you are worried about your child’s teeth, and want to prevent damage to maintain his/her future smile, the fluoride or ozone therapy is answer to your worries.


    Want to replace the missing tooth or teeth by preventing any damage to adjacent tooth; implanting a titanium screw on which a crown is given is the perfect treatment for you. These days, you have vast varieties to choose as per your affordability.


    The different types of filling and root canal treatments come under this branch of dentistry. It helps us get pain relief, and preserves tooth which otherwise need to be extracted due to infection and pain.


    Are you worried about your child’ teeth? Paediatric Dentistry will help you in guiding, preventing and maintaining your child’s teeth in good health.


    Do you feel conscious while smile due to the overexposed gums? With Laser Dentistry, you can enjoy your beautiful smile, while flaunting your perfectly shaped gums. This treatment is also used to create aseptic environment for root canal treatment, healing mouth ulcers, etc.


    These procedures are very useful to get perfect white and even smile. Lasers and chemical whitening are two procedures, which help to get perfect white teeth. Laminates are thin alumina or zirconium veneers attached on tooth surface to create beautiful and enhanced smiles.

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